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#51 Evan Huck UserEvidence: AI & Voice of Customer

by Evan Huck
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Evan Huck joined us to discuss one of most popular topics of this year; AI. 

How does AI impact our work today? Who’s using it, and how will it change our work? 

In this discussion, Evan shares a new product the UserEvidence team is creating. Think of it as a chatbot that sorts through all of your reviews, testimonials, case studies, Gong calls, and any other data you allow it to access, for potential use cases prospects might want to learn about. 

They are looking for teams who run a lot of reviews to test this new product. 

Right now, several companies are looking at ways to integrate AI with their efforts to create case studies, but I really like the approach UE has here of making it easier for prospects (and sales teams) to find relevant customer content for their purposes.

Reach out to Evan if you want to give this new product a test drive. 


Zoom Chat: Evan Huck 9/29


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In the episode, we discussed several pieces of advice related to AI and the voice of the customer.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • 1. Embrace AI for content generation: The speaker emphasized the time-saving benefits of using AI for generating content. They found that allowing the machine to regurgitate customer feedback without their own bias resulted in more accurate insights.

    2. Utilize AI for comprehensive analysis: The speaker expressed interest in using AI to generate comprehensive analysis of customer feedback and reports. By leveraging AI, they aim to create a Netskope customer bot that provides insights sourced from thousands of customers.

    3. Collaborate internally: Collaboration with other teams, such as product and tech teams, is crucial in community and customer marketing. Sharing information about new features, user studies, and feedback can help enhance the overall customer experience.

    4. Be cautious with AI-generated quotes: While AI can be useful for summarizing the collective voice of customers, the speaker acknowledged that using AI for individual case studies can be tricky. They advised against making things up on behalf of the customer and emphasized the importance of keeping quotes true to the original statements.

    5. Prioritize accuracy and citation: The speaker highlighted the significance of providing proper citations and references to the sources of customer information. Lack of actual sources and citations can lead to distrust, so it’s essential to maintain accuracy and avoid any room for fabrication.

    6. Maximize the pool of customer feedback: Increasing the pool of customer feedback by incorporating data from various sources can provide valuable insights. By analyzing feedback from sources like G2 and internal surveys, companies can understand user frustrations and improve the user experience in specific segments.

    7. Automate repetitive tasks to free up time: Automation can be beneficial in customer marketing by optimizing the use of skills and freeing up time for more creative and strategic thinking. By automating repetitive tasks, customer marketers can focus on strategic programs, customer advisory boards, and becoming orchestrators of customer voice and insights.

    8. Focus on digestible content and design automation: To create content that can be easily shared on platforms like Instagram, design automation plays a vital role. The speaker mentioned that advancements in the creative aspect, such as repurposing content for different channels and chunking it up, are expected in the next 12 months.



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