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#52 Claudia Miller: Crafting the Perfect Resume

by Claudia Miller
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Claudia Miller is a Career Coach for Women in Tech that want to grow in their careers. She has been helpful to hundreds of women who want to earn what they deserve in the tech space.

Quote from Call: Surprising Resume Mistakes:
“One of the things that I see is focusing too much on job duties and not enough on results. Ran a quarterly report, manages team. And, well, you’re not telling me If you’re managing the team writer or are they bad or are they all quitting after you signed up as a manager? You run quarterly reports. So what? Is anyone reading it? Are you writing reports just for yourself and you’re the you’re the person you’re not even using the reports? Like, that’s one of the things that I see the biggest mistakes on.”

— Claudia Miller



Transcript of Call
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Comments by Mary:

Claudia is a career coach who helped me a few years ago when I was moving from Community to Customer Marketing. 

With her help, I was able to double my salary. But, I’ve been looking for work on and off over the past year and reached out for help again. 

Why do we have to change our resumes?

The industry changes, employers want a different focus based on the what customers need. 

Claudia helped me with her VIP Package and offered to share a presentation with the community. On this call (video above), she shares “Crafting The Perfect Resume for Women on the Rise”. 

Claudia shares the following screenshots and several pieces of advice (in the summary below) around writing a resume that works for today’s job market. She also answered questions about the job search, interview issues, and more. 

I really enjoyed this call and have a lot to say about the work I did with her, if you want to talk about it, let me know on Slack or LinkedIn. 

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Screenshot 2023 10 06 At 2.36.56 Pm

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Here are the key takeaways for writing a resume from this call:

  • 1. Focus on quantifiable results and achievements, not just job duties. Provide specific metrics and numbers to demonstrate your impact. This makes a resume much more compelling.
  • 2. Tailor your resume for each position and company. Mention the specific job title and company in your resume to optimize for applicant tracking systems. This also shows your interest in the role.
  • 3. Use powerful and compelling language. Avoid generic and cliche phrases. Focus on quantifying your key wins and accomplishments.
  • 4. Include relevant skills and highlight the skills that are hardest to hire for. Put less emphasis on skills at the beginning of the resume. Focus on accomplishments first.
  • 5. Keep your resume to 1 page (for less experience) or 2 pages maximum (for more experience). Focus on your most recent and relevant experience. Remove irrelevant information.
  • 6. Include a strong summary statement at the top that highlights your career goals and relevant experience. This helps give context for the reader.
  • 7. Make your resume ATS-friendly. Use a simple Word doc with minimal formatting. No columns, images, charts or graphs. Just text.
  • 8. Follow up with a thank you email quickly after interviewing. Send within the same day if possible. Mention the specific role and hiring manager by name.
  • 9. Reach out to the hiring manager or recruiter directly if possible. Express your interest in the role and highlight why you’re a great fit. Provide your resume for reference. This helps you stand out.
  • 10. Consider having your resume professionally reviewed or rewritten. This can help take your resume to the next level and allow you to compete for top opportunities. 

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