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Easily Manage 100's of Advocates, Fill Your Pipeline, and Generate Countless Reviews, References & Stories
CREATED BY: Mary Green
PREVIOUSLY AT: HubSpot, Forbes, Outreach, & Demandbase 

June Cohort 


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Are you tired of drowning in requests from other teams, struggling to prove the value of your efforts, and feeling overwhelmed by managing multiple customers and advocates individually? It's time to take control and elevate your customer advocacy program to new heights.

Welcome to Customer Advocacy Accelerator – your comprehensive guide to building and managing highly effective advocacy programs that drive revenue, retention, and engagement. This course is designed specifically for Customer Advocacy Managers like you, who are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and start seeing tangible results.

Who Is This Course For?

01: Customer Advocacy Managers who need to multiply their efforts & results.

02: Community Managers that want to create advocacy and drive revenue influence.

03: Customer Marketers who need to motivate customers to engage and take action.
Taking online classes has been a major benefit to me. The instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails.

Customer Advocacy Managers

I would like to thank my instructors for their continuous support. The courses were challenging and well laid out.

Community Managers

What You'll Get Out of This Course

A Blueprint for Getting 3x More Customers Participating In Your Program

A Framework for Identifying Customer Advocates and Nurturing Them Into Your Top Champions

Strategies for Creating Unlimited User-Generated Content

Crash Course In Community Building & Engagement

Collection of Best Practices from Top Programs and Advocacy Leaders in SaaS

Secrets for Communicating with the C-Suite & Getting Important Teams Onboard

What's Included?

Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, and Quizzes.

10+ Videos

Email & Messaging Scripts

Advocacy Management Template

New Frameworks

Email & Slack Support

Lifetime access to course materials

What your colleagues have to say

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"For myself and many others, Mary is the go-to person for advocacy and community management. With her, you're getting more than just expertise; you're getting actionable strategies and processes to elevate your customer engagement, leading to those sought-after business results."
Rachel Ward
Lifecycle & Customer Marketing Leader
"If you want to scale advocacy, you should get this course with Mary Green. Mary has many years of experience with spearheading communities, & developing strategies for customer advocacy & she is passionate about all these topics. She walks the walk and talks the talk. You couldn’t have picked a better advocate to be on your side for this journey."
TIffany nguyen
Customer advocacy & marketing leader
        "Mary is a wealth of knowledge, explains things in a way I understand and is always willing to answer questions. Highly recommend any course she's leading!"

Christa Niering

Director of Customer Advocacy
"I came away from Mary's course with some great actionable ideas and insights that I was able to execute right away. Mary was great about making sure the course content applied to me and the community-building phase I'm in specifically. I'd recommend Mary's course to other community professionals." 

Elsbeth Russell
Community Manager
created by

Mary Green

With 18 years of Digital Marketing experience, Mary Green shares her insights on using marketing, community, and B2B SaaS customer experience to help you motivate your customers to take action that benefits both your company and them.
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