How Do Alternatives Measure Up to Influitive?

It’s always good to know what your platform solution options are. Let’s dig into Influitive’s competitors.

  • Advocacy
  • Community
  • Gamification
  • Rewards
  • Support

Influitive Features & Competitors

Influitive was recently acquired by Jigsaw, an ESW Capital company. Due to the acquisition, customers are revisiting capabilities of other alternatives on the market.

I’ll (Mary Green) share the information and insights into each of these platforms. 




Also mentioned: Base 

I would also like to get demos with Ambassador and SaaSquatch.

TL;DR Summary


Influitive has a unique offering of advocacy challenges, combined with a community, gamification & reward redemption. 


A true competitor and alternative would have all of those features in one platform. This doesn’t appear to be an option yet. 


You’ll need an advocacy platform, a community platform, and automations/integrations with your reward & gifting solutions to make this work. 




The cost for an advocacy platform comes in around $20k-$90k depending on your needs for different modules (like references, video recording, etc). 


A community platform like Discourse could be used on your own domain as an open-source option. Otherwise, solutions such as Vanilla, Higher Logic, Insided, and others will start around $50k (Vanilla) with a range to around $80k (Insided) as well. 




Some platforms include specific integrations, but Zapier and often cover the small nuances well. It will take a lot of thought and time to set this up to fully automate all of your activities. 

Advocacy Identification, Activation & Management

For this category, you will need an additional community platform. Influitive used Discourse, and it is open source, so your company can use it as well, hosted on your own domain.

Champion (exclusive CMAweekly sponsor)

Champion is our exclusive sponsor and wants to make sure this space is growing and gets the education and support it needs. 

How does this hold up against Influitive?


  • Advocacy Management & Activation
  • Request tracking
  • Personal messaging

In the following video with Jeff Reekers (CEO Champion), Jeff talks about the workflow options and integrations available that allow you to customize the experience for each customer or group of customers to offer some reward. 


He also discusses the Champion score that could be used to indicate the reward and gifting level for a customer and how this will allow you to build non-transactional relationships with customers. 


Natively, Champion does not have a community aspect, but with an integration to a community, gamification could be created. 

Orca is a Salesforce native Advocacy platform that has just launched a new feature: A Community interface for Salesforce Experience (the salesforce community solution).

This is a pretty significant feature, as users can now run their advocacy program in SFDC with a community platform. Here’s what they have to say: 


From the Vendor

Orca is the only and most comprehensive customer marketing platform built directly within the Salesforce ecosphere that includes a community engagement experience.


Orca enables marketers to build a comprehensive customer advocacy program that includes;  content management, reference call scheduling, AI-driven workflows, gamification, and now an external community engagement experience.


With Orca’s community engagement experience you can : 

  • – Send challenges with gamification
  • – Provide a login experience
  • – Issue points and send rewards
  • – Analyze with reporting and dashboards
  • – Rely on multi-channel support


Pricing is based on company size and starts at $10,000 annually. This includes unlimited users, updates and support.

From the Vendor


Manage your advocates in one space. They could be part of a community where points are rewarded for activity, in your CRM, or in a separate system altogether (which is sometimes preferred). 


All team sizes can easily sort through advocates and find accounts that align with your request. Then quickly message the customer.


Two specific features you’ll appreciate are: 

  • The ability to see when the advocate was last contacted
  • Automating video capturing of case studies

What if my customers love earning badges and gamification? (Direct from vendor)


Combined with a fully integrated community platform such as Vanilla, SlapFive offers the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use Customer Marketing & Advocacy platform that will enable you to create a robust program – from advocate recruitment and engagement to campaign management to customer content creation to reference management and revenue influence.


  • Identify new advocates or referencable clients based on their actions in the community and automatically invite them to your program and capture their engagement preferences
  • Offer SlapFive opportunities to perform acts of advocacy within discussion threads or on dedicated pages
  • Embed customer stories and best practices (video/audio/text/files) within your community
  • Capture more customer stories in the community that can be recommended to sales reps in SFDC
  • Reward actions taken in the community

My Comments


Similarly to other Advocacy platforms, SlapFive does integrate with community software. By combining the advocacy portion of SlapFive with a community profile, customers would be able to earn points. The workflow of the exchange of points for gifts/rewards is less clear and will likely need more integrations.

From the Vendor


UserEvidence is one of the CMA platforms that allows you to automate customer evidence/proof content (ie create a library of hundreds of case studies, testimonials, ROI data points, industry proof points, and competitive evidence).


Your customers do not have to ‘become advocates’, they can simply fill out short surveys and provide feedback to be used as content for sales teams, demand gen, marcomm/pr, and other channels.  There are also some handy features to identify advocates and source positive reviews to G2.


You’ll design surveys with help from UE to capture evidence to back up product claims (e.g. “80% of healthcare customers say ROI in less than 6 months”. Responses are then automatically turned into elegant designed/branded assets, and organized in a searchable repository (eg a sales rep could say, “I need a proof point in industry X where we beat competitor Y in region Z, and find hyper-targeted proof.


For customer marketers – it takes a lot of the down-level content creation (eg creating case studies across 17 different industries) off your plate so you can focus on the more strategic customer marketing stuff.”


How does it compare to Influitive?


UE is not a direct competitor to Influitive – it’s complementary, but it can be a great option if you’re shifting budget off of Influtive. UE doesn’t have community/advocate hub type functionality – though it can be used to identify advocates and push them into a community (e.g. slack, insided, etc). 

My Comments


UserEvidence is one of the CMA platforms that allows you to automate customer activation. Your customers do not have to ‘become advocates’. They can simply fill out surveys and provide documentation to be used in your marketing, education, and product.


You’ll design your surveys or use some of the prompts UserEvidence provides and send the email to an unlimited number of customers. Responses are then collected and collated so that you can easily manage and find relevant content for your marketing and sales needs. 


How does it compare to Influitive?

Base positions itself as an attractive alternative for Influitive. 

However, Influitive was known for its top-notch support, massive functionality, and streams of advocates for the company itself. And Base seems to lack the same level of enthusiasm from customers, as advocates for the platform are few and far between.

The main issue with Base is the ability to integrate with their product requires extensive amounts of integration that customers have to provide. This means it takes a lot of time and effort on top of initial education. 

While they are able to finish implementation for some top brands, these brands are then used as the only advocates in Base’s marketing efforts.

Even the top customers in their portfolio have to invest heavily into their own development to integrate. The timing for implementation is generally a year or more out. By overpromising to their prospects most customers and advocates (even the most prestigious brands) move on in 1-2 years. 

If someone is going to entertain the idea of purchasing Base, I’d heavily suggest they:

  • Find 3 happy customers to speak with
  • Fully see the requirements their own team would have to develop
  • Demand a cap on implementation, and a refund for features that are promised and fail to come to fruition.

You can also join the CMAweekly Slack to ask others about their experience. You can also download last year’s  Vendor Satisfaction report to see how happy their users were. 

** If you are interested in seeing actual feedback on this company, please feel free to message me on LinkedIn.

Community Platforms

As a Community professional, I’ve worked with most of the platforms in the space. Here is a quick synopsis of the features, abilities, and prices. 


Vanilla (now Higher Logic Vanilla) offers a forum function without a lot of extra bells & whistles. Integrations with points can be established, but the reporting and admin space is lacking important functionality if gamification will be a big part of your strategy. It has been 6 months since I’ve used the platform, so there may be improvements available.


It starts around $60k

Higher Logic (the association forum platform that owns Vanilla) does have a comfortable admin space with more options. You’ll still need a lot of work on integrations, but it should be easier to manage. 


It starts around $80k 

InSided has consistently adapted and added more features, and integrations to their platform. They are also now owned by Gainsight. 


Their community features have grown and have several capabilities for points, badges, and gamification. 


Unfortunately, on the rewards end, you’ll still have to set up specific automation to sync points, as the points system is meant to grow, not fluctuate regularly. 


It starts around $80k

Khoros is an enterprise solution that offers all of the integrations and feature modifications you can fathom. It’s very customizable. 


It starts at over $130k

Salesforce Platforms for References/Advocacy


My Comments


Deeto does not have a community feature, but it does help you manage advocates and references and automate collecting their feedback, testimonials, and hand-raising activities. 


Initially, Deeto was a reference platform, but they have shifted into offering more advocacy management and recruitment. 


Their system has unique abilities to track reference performance, ROI, and content/asset performance & management. 


How does it compare to Influitive?


You would need a great deal of integration and automation work as well as a community platform to bring configuration together. 

*Disclaimer: I’m waiting to get information on their perspective as an alternative.

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