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The Newest Customer Advocacy Platform

Champion arms you with an AI-enabled platform to create unquestionable value that your CFO can't ignore.

The Champion platform has the ability to parse the data you already have access to in your CRM. Once that data identifies the ideal advocates you can then message them to invite them to participate in various requests for your program. 


You can have advocates become references, volunteer to create content, provide details for a short case study, and get testimonials. 

In addition to all of the great features for identifying and activating your customers, the platform also supports adding revenue values to each activity AND the customers. You’ll see which customers are helping the most. 


Finally, Champion will track your advocates and notify you when they’ve moved to another company. These advocates are 30%+ more likely to take your solution to the new company. 

Champion is a great platform for small Advocacy teams that want to identify, recruit, manage, and track their advocates while proving ROI. Even better, there are more new features to come. 

In the video to the right with Jeff Reekers (CEO Champion), Jeff talks about the workflow options and integrations available that allow you to customize the experience for each customer or group of customers to offer some reward.


He also discusses the Champion score that could indicate the reward and gifting level for a customer and how this will allow you to build non-transactional relationships with customers. Champion does not have a community aspect natively, but by integrating with a community, gamification could be created.

UPDATE!!! Champion is now partnering with Gainsight Customer Communities to be your full advocacy & community platform. Details coming March 29th

2023 Vendor Satisfaction Results

Neither Champion or Deeto were able to participate in this survey.

In March 2023, I asked 153 CMA professionals which platforms they used and how satisfied they were with the solutions they had.
The following results come from those people who have premium software for Customer Advocacy.


Uncover & Display Customer Generated Stories Quickly

UserEvidence is a platform that makes it very easy to collect a lot of customer generated content quickly. The platform works as a 3rd party and manages all of the responses you receive in an included asset management feature. 

Your sales and marketing teams should be able to easily find the exact content they need. Meanwhile, you can use UE to identify the advocates you’d like to invite to full length case studies, or opportunities to participate in speaking or creating content. 

Anytime you want to ask your customers to send in content you can run a new survey and add the responses to your sales/marketing arsenal. 

The average team that enjoys using the UserEvidence platform is a large brand with thousands of customers. 

When you don’t have time to manage advocates in a 1:1 fashion, it’s time to consider UE.

UserEvidence is a great addition to Influitive (and other Advocacy platforms) because it has complementary features that make it easier to automatically collect feedback, stories, and survey responses from 100’s to 1000’s of customers. 

There’s no need for customers to login or join a new platform. And you won’t have to create new designs or catalog your content. They automate these aspects and they are continually adding new AI features. 

Platform Screenshots


Recruit, Manage, and Engage Advocates & References In One Place.

Imagine SlapFive as the customizable CRM for your advocates and references with additional features that make managing advocates easy for anyone on your team.

There are a few additional features you’ll appreciate:

– Integration with Community Platforms (requests are embeddable and points are added to participant profiles).

– The ability to capture case studies via video.

Finally, the integration with Salesforce allows you to track impact on revenue and provide all of the information and assests from your activities back into a space for content assets.

Several CMAweekly members use SlapFive to manage their advocacy programs. 


One of the most common use cases is a small team of 1-3 people using the platform to manage relationships with hundreds to thousands of active advocate customers. 

SlapFive integrates with multiple Community platforms to offer a comfortable alternative to Influitive. 


One caveat: I have yet to see this integration allow customers the ability to ‘shop’ for rewards like Influitive did.

Influitive Comparison Table

For the purposes of this table each Vendor that integrates with a Community will require an additional vendor.



Native Salesforce Advocacy & Community Platform

Orca is a Salesforce native application that manages your advocates and references in an easy-to-use platform that intuitively allows you to activate and reward your customers. 

Orca is known for superior customer success and they are consistently adding new features to their platform. 

The newest features: Embed your program into ANY platform, communities included!

Pricing is based on company size and starts at $10,000 annually. This includes unlimited users, updates and support.

Individual Advocacy managers love the cost and flexibility of the Orca platform for advocates and references. The platform will grow with your expanding customer program.

Orca is one of the few options that seamlessly covers many aspects of the Influitive platform; Advocacy, Community, Gamification, Rewards & Support 

Additional and advanced features will likely be developed over time, so there may be functionalities you could be missing from Influitive. Please do your due diligence.


The Most Experienced Native Salesforce Reference Platform

More Reference programs use ReferenceEdge than any other platform. Point of Reference has been around longer than any other platform in the space.

The ReferenceEdge team is full of Customer Marketing & Advocacy expertise. The platform can be used for both advocacy and reference programs. It is native to Salesforce and meets security requirements for the largest companies. 

Large sales, customer success, and marketing teams use ReferenceEdge at enterprise-level companies for extensive reference programs. 

ReferenceEdge is a great partner for your Influitive program. While it does allow you to manage your references, set up calls, and connect customers and prospects, it does not have the challenges, gamification, or community.


Manage References, Create Customer Stories, and Use AI

Deeto allows you to quickly generate new stories and references for your customer marketing programs. 

With intricate tracking, you can see what case studies contribute to your ROI. With the help of AI, you’ll have advocates recommended for the requests you have available. 

Deeto also offers a Website Widget to share your stories on your website. 

Deeto works for companies with large customer databases to pull into an advocacy or reference program. It costs less than some platforms and allows you to create a lot of content quickly.

Deeto will cover your advocacy and reference program needs along with rewarding your customers. Unfortunately, it does not include gamification or community.

About Base

Base is not a recommended platform due to consistently poor feedback from community members.
Please reach out if you are seriously considering the platform and would like additional information.

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