How to Interview Customers for Retention and Churn

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Some questions you could ask customers during interviews to gain insights into their decision-making processes and preferences, based on the March 2023 call with Anita Toth

– What led you to become a customer of our company?

– How did you first hear about our company?

– What is your overall experience with our products/services?

– What do you like most about our products/services?

– What could we improve on?

– How likely are you to continue using our products/services?

– Would you recommend our products/services to others? Why or why not?

– How do our products/services compare to others you’ve used in the past?

– What made you choose our products/services over our competitors?

– What are the most important factors in your decision-making process when choosing products/services?

– Do you have any suggestions for new products/services we could offer?

– Have you had any challenges or issues while using our products/services? How were they resolved?

– How often do you typically use our products/services?

– Would you like to see any changes or updates to our products/services in the future?

Remember, while these questions provide a good starting point, it’s important to tailor them to your specific business and industry and always to approach customer interviews with a curious and open-minded attitude.


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