1. Respect others and their opinions – be kind (we haven’t had an issue here yet)


    2. Keep #no-vendors and personal DM’s confidential – do not share information that wasn’t meant to be shared!


    3. Promotions are only allowed in #Open-Share – you’ll be told if you can post a promotion in #general – assume you cannot. I may upgrade appropriate open-share posts to general at my discretion.


    4. NO promotional DM’s – this is not a place to source for prospects – build relationships & DO NOT jump on someone because they asked a public question.


    5. 3 strikes – you’re out. This is your 1st warning, if you violate the above rule 2 times, you’ll be removed from the community (possibly your entire company will be removed).


    6. On Content Reuse (I’m copying Dave Derington on this):

        1. I will sometimes reuse discussions from the community to create materials intended for broader distribution, including articles, social posts, or weekly calls.


        2. I will not publicly use any specific information or details without getting permission first, and I’ll credit the original authors of any specific ideas.


        3. But, I will sometimes summarize and anonymize discussions in the community to share more broadly.


        4. Nothing will be used by our exclusive partner without your consent. They will not get lead information unless it is explicitly mentioned.


        5. If you agree to be a guest on a call, I will use your name in promotions & on the website when sharing the recording.

If you would like to file a complaint, please message me on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/in/marygreencny) or Slack DM